Monday, April 9, 2012

Day 8

This is going to be a photo heavy post. Since I've kept my posts relatively simple since the start of this 90 day challenge, I decided today I'm going to give you a photo tutorial. I haven't done a cut crease for a long time, so that's what I went with.

I start out by priming my eyes:

I LOVE my Glory Box Cosmetics TKO, sadly  the owner has been swamped with school

Smear that stuff all over your lids.

Once I've gotten my primer on, I let it sit and dry a bit while I choose my colors. Today I chose four shades from some of my favorite brands

Clockwise from top right: Facebomb Cosmetics' Princess Zelda, Virus Insanity's Zombie Cupcake, Tick:Tock Cosmetic's Midlife Crisis, and Madd Style's Electric Koolaid

Once I've gotten my shadows picked, I apply my base. My sticky base of choice is Tick:Tock Cosmetics' Infinity Eyeshadow base in Milky Way.

I apply it pretty heavily and then blend it out.

All blended out.
Now that the first steps are complete, you're ready to apply you shadows. With a cut crease, I like to start with the crease first.

As you can see, I apply the shadow to the crease and a little above. Don't worry about any fall out or lines that aren't 100% straight.

Next step is applying color to the actual lid. I like to start at the inner corner and work my way out. I started with Zombie Cupcake and put it on the first 1/3 of my lid
Zombie Cupcake is a light shimmery pink with a slight green shift.

Next, I applied Princess Zelda to the next 1/3 of my lid.

I love this pink! It's a nice medium pink with a good amount of sparkle.

Next, I applied Midlife Crisis to the outer 1/3 of my lid (it's probably actually a little less than a 1/3, but whatever. lol)

Midlife Crisis is a great, bright pink. Definitely one of my favorites.

Now, I go back to the inner corner and start blending. To do this, I take a little bit of Zombie Cupcake and lightly brush and pat back and forth over Princess Zelda. Once I have it looking like I want, I move on and do the same thing to Princess Zelda and Midlife Crisis.

Now that you've gotten your lid colors blended to perfection, it's time to mess around with the crease color. I take a big fluffy brush and get a little bit of Electric Koolaid and blend it up toward my brow bone.

Once I like how that looks, I take an angled eyeliner brush and dampen it, dip into Electric Koolaid again, and go along my crease. I like to have a nice separation between my crease and my lid, that's kinda the point of a cut crease, after all.

Next, I add some eyeliner and a little bit of Zombie Cupcake on my brow bone.

Mascara and a little more Zombie Cupcake in the tear duct for a finishing touch

Clean up your fall out (if you have any) and you're done! I like to add a little shimmery powder under my eyes to hide my dark circle. I don't wear foundation or concealer, so I finish my face with a little blush, under eye shimmer, and lip gloss/stick. :)