Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day 11

This is another picture heavy photo tutorial. This is a look I love, but don't always want to put the effort into. I love gradient eyeliner, and when you add in "rainbow" it's just even better.

Step one is always Prime and Prep your lids. I use Glory Box's TKO primer and skipped the primer for the moment. On to step two.

For my gradient eyeliners, I like to prime and then add a little bit of neutral shadow so that you minimize creasing

As you see, it doesn't add much color, but it helps creasing.
Next, I move to adding my base. I use Tick:Tock Cosmetics' Infinity eyeshadow base in Milky Way. I use a liner brush and only put the base where I want color to go.

It's not a perfectly straight line, but it works.

I try to go in perfect rainbow order, ROYGBIV or Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet. I'm using only Sugarpill for this look. I busted out my Burning Heart and Sweet Heart palettes for this. I love my Sugarpill.

Love+ goes down first
As you can see, I started with red. Love+ is the perfect red (as long as you aren't vegan, I'm pretty sure this shade contains carmine) Next, I moved on to Flamepoint

I blended the shades together as I go, as opposed to waiting as I usually do.

After I get Love+ and Flamepoint down, I moved on to Buttercupcake. Buttercupcake is a great yellow, though on it's own it starts to look a little mustardish.

Buttercupcake and Flamepoint took some work to blend like I wanted.

After Buttercupcake, I used Midori. It's a wonderful, slightly shimmery green that I don't use nearly enough. I'll admit, any time I open my Sweetheart palette, the only shade I see is Dollypop (a bright, bright pink)

Buttercupcake and Midori took a little work to blend right, too.

After Midori come Afterparty. Afterparty is a slightly shimmery blue. I rarely wear blue and could count on one hand the number of times I've used this shade.

Midori and Afterparty blended pretty well with little work.

Next comes Poison Plum. It's the one Sugarpill shade that I usually have to put a little more effort into to get a decent color payoff. After adding a few layers of Poison Plum, I had to wipe off a little extra base because I didn't extend my liner out far enough.

Afterparty and Poison Plum also blended pretty easily.

Once all that is done, I added some black eyeliner along the base of my lashes and along the bottom edge of the colored liner. I feel it really helps to make the rainbow gradient pop. I also added some mascara, of course.

I think gradient eyeliner sounds/looks intimidating, but it's actually fairly simple and easy. I generally have a harder time figuring out what shades to use than I do actually doing this look. As long as you have a few minutes longer than usual to do your makeup, you should try a gradient liner. It's a lot of fun and adds a lot of "pop" to your look! I really hope this was helpful. :) <3 

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