Monday, April 9, 2012

Day 9

My friend and business partner, Tiffany, got this awesome little bottle of nail polish in a gift exchange from a group on Facebook. I took one look at it and fell in love. I asked the lady who made it if I could buy a larger bottle of it from her, she was kind enough to order more supplies and larger bottles so I could do just that.

I'm kinda in love with the name!

This is the most amazing shade of nail polish ever.

I'm not entirely sure what color I would call this. It's got a little bit of all things that are good. It's what I would call a multichrome (it changes to many different colors) with a ton of linear holographic glitter. I could seriously sit and stare at this all day (and probably will) Ready for some shots of this amazing creation in action? I hope so, because I have a ton of pictures for you!

The requisite bottle shot.

Inadvertently blurry, but look at that sparkle and shine

I also added a matte accent nail just for fun. I was curious how this polish would look as a matte. I don't have any other polish in my collection with this much color shift or linear holo glitter, so I decided to have a little fun. After making it matte, I would almost be willing to say the base color of this polish seems to be purple, though when cleaning around my nail and first applying it, I would have leaned more toward green.

See what I'm saying, it definitely pulls more purple with a matte topcoat.

But.... at this angle you see more of the green.

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