Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 17

Ugh, I'm back to being a day behind thanks to being sick and sleeping all day yesterday. So, I'll do this eye look and then later I'll do my nails and be caught up. :)

I'm doing makeup for a friend's wedding, it'll be her and her bridesmaids (I think there maybe six of them?) So, I did a run through of what I might do for the bridesmaids. I threw on some High Noon, Once Upon a Time, Salvador Dali, I <3 U 4EVA (all Tick:Tock Cosmetics) and a little bit of Bulletproof (Sugarpill) in the crease. I wasn't sure of the look while I was doing it, but pushed forward with it anyway and once I got the mascara and eyeliner on, I really liked it. I'm hoping she does too.

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