Sunday, April 15, 2012

Day 16

I'm doing another off beat beauty post so I hope I don't come across as preachy. Once again, I'm not really doing a look of the day or anything. I want to talk about how important it is for us ladies to accept ourselves for who/what we are. I was looking in my full length mirror as I was getting ready to go work out and realized that I was pretty happy with how my body looked. This is honestly the first time I recall ever feeling this way. The first time EVER. I'm 29, for 29 years (less, really, but whatever) I've not been happy with how I look. How sad is that? Why all the sudden do I like my body? I've had two kids, and I'm the heaviest I've ever been, yet I'm strangely happy with my appearance. I've tried all day to figure out what's changed. Why did I not like myself/body at 135, but now at 190 I'm happy? I don't know. I haven't found the answer. I think it's in part that I'm taking steps to be healthier. I'm working out every week, I'm eating healthier, while I'm not trying to loose weight I do want to be healthier. I lost my dad in Jan '11 to a heart attack. He was only 59. I stop to think that my life could be half over and I can't do that to my boys.

This is what I looked like today. No editing outside of white balance correction. I have rolls, I have a paunch, but while I have those things that could be corrected, my body has done amazing things. I have two healthy, beautiful boys. And I embrace my flaws. No one is perfect. Why torture myself trying to reach perfection? Will that make me happier? Probably not.

And here is a naked face. After working out all day and cooking for the family. I haven't showered so my hair is a mess. lol

I had a point when I started this post and I think I lost it somewhere. But, the moral of the story is "Love yourself for you." Don't strive to be someone else. You are perfectly you. <3 <3 <3