Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day 19

This is another photo heavy post! I promise you'll love it, though. I just got a new nail polish, HITS Mari Moon in Dreamer. You can order from Llarowe, here's a link to the actual polish. OMG!! I can't say enough awesome things about this polish! It's a multi chrome (meaning it changes to many different colors) and boy oh boy is it amazing! It starts out looking purple on the nail and in direct sunlight it looks blue, but shift your hand around and it looks red, move your hand again and it turns orange! How incredible is that?! I only have a few complaints and that would be the size of the bottle (it's too small!) and the brush is a little unruly. Other than these two small things, there is nothing that isn't awesome about this stuff. Now to the pictures!

Direct flash

Indirect flash

Direct sunlight, no flash