Sunday, April 28, 2013

Texture Nails

I may be late to the game, but I've recently developed an obsession with texture nail polish. I've noticed that several major brands have jumped onto the texture band wagon, China Glaze being the latest. I nabbed three  of them from my local Sally's the other day, Bump & Grind (bright pink cream), In the Rough (light yellow leaning green cream), and Toe-Tally Textured (crisp orange cream)

Bump & Grind and In the Rough

Dry time on these was really good. They dried fast and while they were rough, they didn't catch on things. I wore this all day at work and only had one minor chip on the pinky nail, I work with my hands a lot and without a top coat, polish just doesn't last long for me at work.

As a bonus!! My first Zoya polish, Dahlia (a Pixie Dust) with OPI's Liquid Sand Can't Let Go

What are your thoughts on the textured nail trend? Any brands you prefer? Any you're wanting to try?

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